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Emergency Searchers Discontinue Search

February 16, 2019 Emergency Searchers Discontinues Search for Rick Travis - Salisbury Post
After a five-day exhaustive search for missing 66-year-old Richard “Rick” Travis, local emergency personnel along with area, regional search teams discontinued search efforts on Saturday.

Rowan County Emergency Services Director Chris Soliz said as of Saturday evening they formally transferred the case to the Spencer Police Department.

Anyone with information is asked to call Rowan Communications at 704-216-8500, Crimestoppers, or the Spencer Police via 704-633-3574.

In the event, criminal activity is involved in Mr. Travis's disappearance, Rowan/Salisbury Crimestoppers has offered a reward up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

February 16, 2019 David Whisenant WBTV
I can't say enough about the efforts of EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in searching for Rick Travis. Though he hasn't been found, the time and effort put in was incredible. The desired result may not have come about, but it doesn't diminish their sacrifice.

February 14, 2019 Press Conference Concerning Search for Rick Travis (WBTV)
Just a few highlights from the 2/14/19 press conference on the Rick Travis search efforts. Rowan County Emergency Services Director Chris Soliz, Spencer Police Chief Mike James, and Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten were the speakers.

February 14, 2019 (Rowan County Emergency Services)
Today, the search in Rowan County continues for Spencer resident Richard "Rick" Travis who has been missing since Monday, February 11th at approximately 3pm.

Rick, who was an avid runner would often run the streets of this area however on Monday he never returned home. A Silver Alert has been issued for Rick who does suffer from Dementia.

Rick was seen leaving a home on Sowers Ferry Road while wearing loose black running pants that were cut-off at the calf, a silver rain jacket, black gloves and dark running shoes. He also may be wearing a hat. Rick wears thick glasses and can barely see without them.

Massive search efforts have been underway around the clock since Monday evening utilizing crews from multiple regions. At this point, we are asking any residents around the Spencer/Salisbury area to check or re-check any areas around their property that someone could have hidden. Additionally, residents in the region beyond the Spencer and Salisbury areas are asked to search their properties and recall any information tha might also help locate Rick.

Monday night it was raining and temperatures every nigh since then have been cold. He may have tried to find warmth or shelter on someone's property in the area. Being an avid runner Rick may have traveled a greater distance than what we would normally expect from others in the general public.

At this time don't assume anything, if something or someone looks out of the ordinary please let us know by calling 911 and providing any information.

February 13, 2019 9:48 a.m. WBTV
The search for Rick Travis of Spencer NC continues. Emergency Managemnt Officials want folks to know that agencies from across the region joined the search and are using K9's. NCSHP helicopters will alo help with the search.

February 13, 2019 9:36 a.m. (Rowan County Emergency Services)
SPENCER NC, Today search efforts for Mr. Richard (Rick) Travis of Spencer NC continue. Local Emergency Management Officials want to inform citizens that numerous agencies from throughout the region have joined the search efforts and are utilizing K9’s in the community. In addition NCSHP helicopters will be conducting air operations to aide with the search.

February 12, 2019 10:27 p.m. (Spencer Police Department)
Tonight, K9 Teams will be in the area of Steeplechase, Sowers Rd and Sowers Ferry Rd area searching for Mr. Travis. Please be on the lookout for them. Please remain in your residence and secure your pets. If you see or hear anything related to Mr. Travis please contact 911!

February 12, 2019    6:02 p.m. (Spencer Fire Department - Chief Grubb)
If you live in the Steeplechase, Sowers or Sowers Ferry Rd area please be aware that K9 search teams will be working through the night. You might see them walking in the streets or near residences. Please use caution in the area and we are asking that you remain in your residence and secure your pets. If you see or hear anything related to Mr. Travis please contact 911!

February 12, 2019  12:56 p.m. WBTV
Rick Travis, the former head of Rowan County DSS is missing. Emergency workers and volunteers have been searching now for more than 12 hours. Please be on the lookout in northern Rowan and Davidson County, or anywhere else for that matter. On Monday 5:32 PM a call was made to Rowan County 911 to report a missing person.
Richard Travis, a white male 66 years of age, 6 foot 157 pounds with gray hair; he may be suffering from a cognitive impairment. Spencer Fire Department, Police Department and Rowan County Rescue Squad along with numerous other public safety agencies from in county and out of county are actively searching for Mr. Travis.
The unified command has sent over 30 missions to rescuers attempting to find Mr. Travis. The public is asked to notify Rowan County 9-1-1 if Mr. Travis is located.

February 11, 2019 (Spencer Police Department)
*****MISSING PERSON***** Richard Earl Travis DOB 04/14/1952
Last seen at 315 Sowers Ferry Rd at 3:15PM.
6ft tall and skinny last seen wearing loose black running pants cut off at the calf, a silver rain jacket, dark grey and/or black running shoes, and black gloves. He usually also wears a hat. If seen or found please call 911. Subject suffers from dementia.

PR Richard Travis