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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to better serve you with answers and references to the most frequently asked questions by businesses, visitors, and residents. If we don't have an answer here, please contact us at Town Hall 704-633-2231


What are the hours of operations?
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, except holidays
Where is Town Hall Located?
600 S. Salisbury Ave Spencer, NC 28159


Does the Fire Department fill up swimming pools?
No, but you may contact the City of Salisbury Water Department.
Does the Fire Department rent the training room for public use?

Events must be approved by the Fire Chief, however events not approved include birthday parties, dinners, or similar type events.



Is a permit required to build a fence and is there a fee?
Yes, a permit is required and the fee is $5.
I live in the Historic District, what do I need to add rails, add a building, change the windows or doors, change the roof or siding, or any exterior feature to the property?
The Historic Preservation Commission is charged with the responsibility to preserve the historical character of the district as prescribed by the NC General Statutes and the Board of Aldermen. Therefore, any changes made to the exterior (outside) of the home which includes areas such as porches, steps, decks, lawns, trees, roofs, landscapes, fences, or similar areas that are visible to any street is protected and requires a staff-level or commission-level design review. If you have any questions about a specific change you would like to make, just call the Land Management Director for more clarification at 704-633-2231. It's best to call before any work is done.
How do I know if I need a zoning permit?
If you are building, re-building, or placing anything on a parcel of land that would require a Building Inspector or Contractor to supervise, a Zoning Permit is required, prior to work beginning.
How do I know if I live in the Spencer Historic District?
I want to have a yard sale. What do I need to do?
A Yard Sale Permit and the Yard Sale Information Sheet is available at Town Hall or you can print it online and bring it to the Town Hall. The permit allows two directional signs to be posted off your property, to direct people to your yard sale. The location of the two signs must be listed on the permit. No signs are allowed to be attached to any poles, trees, post, traffic signs or the alike. Any signs not listed, will be collected by the Code Compliance Officer.



How do I know if I need to call 911?
To request the services of the Police Department please call 911.  This allows the information to be recorded and creates an electronic record of your service request.  Officers are not generally in the office and can be reached through communications.
I had an incident happen at my home/business and I need a report for insurance purposes.  How do I get a copy of that report?
If you need an incident report for an incident that happened which you are involved in, you may obtain that report by calling the police department, 704-633-3574 ext. 15 to make sure it is ready.  If so, you can report to Town Hall and request someone from the police department get you that copy.
I was involved in an automobile accident and I would like to obtain a copy of that report.  How do I get a copy of that report?
I was involved in an automobile accident and I would like to obtain a copy of that report.  How do I get a copy of that report?
There is a street light out on my street.  Who do I report this to for repair?
Street light outages may be reported to Duke Energy at 1-800-Poweron (1-800-769-3766) You may also report the street light outage via the internet.  Google Duke Energy Street Light Outage
I am going to be out of town on vacation and I would like to have my house checked until I return.  Is this possible?
Security Check Forms are available here and Town Hall if you are going to be out of town and would like for the police department to check on your home until you return.


What are the government office hours?

Town Hall is located at 600 S. Salisbury Avenue Spencer, NC
Our hours are 8:00 - 4:30 M-F

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